Saturday, October 30, 2004

I finally have a cat after years and years of pleading for one. My cause was successfully maneouvered so far by my significant other but a film script starring a cat was apparently the solution to my problems. Even though we decided we'll not use our own cat but a trained one afterwards, I still got one, and for my birthday too, no less.

Here's Toots posing as her paws are being cleaned because she was startled enough to pee and shit in her carrier as we carried her through the streets of Long Beach. Still bearing the name she was given at the shelter because I couldn't be bothered with finding an alternative although being the Harry Potter fan that I am Hermione occupied my mind for quite a bit (but was debated hotly against by others). She's invariably called "cat", "hey you", "ssshhh", "awww" so I don't think it really matters anyway.

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zop said...

buyumus kerata simdi baktim da, karikiz olmus. attention whore da diyebilir miyiz? agzimdan yel aldi.