Sunday, November 22, 2009

2012: Marduk gelecek

Aksamustune kadar uyudugum cok ender gunlerden birinde (bugun) hava kararmisken uyaninca depresyonun pencesine dusmemek icin filme gitmeye karar verdim. Peki hangi film? 2012: Marduk gelecek, bittik tukendik, olduk. Depresyona girmemek icin iyi bir film mi? Evet, cunku dunyanin sonu geldi konulu eserleri hep takdir etmisimdir. 2012 muthis geyikler barindiran bir film; Independence Day'in kulaklarini cinlatan cok sahnesi var. Amerikan baskani gene kahraman, ama bu sefer siyah. Zamanla degistik tabii hepimiz. Izlerken birkac sey hesap ettim. Birincisi 2012 Araliginda hala doktoramin bitmiyor olusu. Filmde bir suru "doktor bilmemkim" muhabbeti var. Ben orada olsam hala doktor bilmemkim degilim. Bu beni uzdu. Akademiyaya yeterliligimi ispatlamadan dunyanin sonu gelsin istemiyorum, arti bu benim Nuh'un gemilerinden birine alinma sansimi da epey kisitliyor gibi. Ben kanser gecirdim? falan desem, o daha da kotu, bunun geni kotu diye eksi puanlari topladim demektir. Bu sebeple, dunyanin sonunun mesela 2030 gibi yuvarlak bir rakama cekilmesini rica ediyorum. 2050 dersek en guzeli. O tarihe kadar kendimi kanitlarim diye umuyorum (ya da olmus olurum.)

Bunun haricinde, Oxford gibi bir sehirde apokaliptik filmin etkisi cok yuksek olmuyormus, bunu da gordum. Nuyorkun donup felaketlerin geldigi bir baska film olan ve su an adini unuttugum eseri sehrin bizzat kendisinde izledigimizde, disari ciktigimizda en azindan bir on bes dakika "uaauuv buralar hep donduydu ehehe kekeke" gibi geyigini yapmak imkani olmustu. Oxford kimsenin umrunda degil. Cikinca da zaten buraya apokalipsin falan ugramayacagini net olarak goruyorsun. Yaklasik 1150'den beri ogrencinin apokalipsi zaten burasi, daha ne felaketi olsun?

Surekli birlik beraberlik temasinin islendigi bir eser olmasi da canimi sikti. Burada bir ve beraber olacagim kimse yok. Sokakta hayvan bile yok? Felaket gelse ne yapacagiz, biri bunu bana aciklayabilir mi? Kime sarilacagim mesela? Kimle kahramanlik pesinde kosacagim? Neyse tarih 21 Aralik'ti sanirim; term time degil, oyle bir durumda evde mevde olmam lazim. Tamam rahatladim.

Otobiyografik yazimi okuyan okurlara en icten selamlarimla. Filme arkadaslarinizla geyik yapmak icin gidebilirsiniz. Ozellikle NYC, D.C., California'nin herhangi bir sehri, Londra gibi yerlerde tadi cikar. Hindistan'i da cok gosterdi, orada da tadi cikabilir, ama herkes bade oldu, onu soyleyeyim.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Byzantine intrigues

John I Tzimiskes (you can tell he's the bad guy with a name like that) killed his uncle Nikephoros Phokas while Nikky was asleep, on the floor of his room, in front of his icons. Apparently, Tzimiskes had been having an affair and was in league with Theophano, Nikephoros' wife (in name only, as Phokas had been living a chaste life after his first wife's death -romantic) and the Empress had let John and the plotters in the palace -they were dressed as women.

Says Leo the Deacon, contemporary chronicler.

On the left, nice manuscript image of Nikephoros Phokas, on the right, a coin with John Tzimiskes, being crowned by the Virgin.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dating Manuscripts

Dating systems and dates of manuscripts. For those who may be struggling with those Byzantine manuscripts which only have the date from "creation" mentioned. Also, note that the Byzantine year starts on September 1st, not January 1st, so it can get tricky.

Yes, this is what I do on a Friday night.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turkun NHS'le imtihani

Merak edenler icin bir GP (general practician) klinigi; benim kayitli bulundugum Summertown Health Centre. Sira beklerken blog post yapacak kadar sikildim, bir; ikincisi de gelecek nesillere aktarilmasi adina: amme hizmetinde sasmayan adresiniz (bu ben oluyorum, health centre degil) Swine flu'dan kirilan sevimli kasabamiz Oxford'da astim testleri ve gerekirse Babe asisi.

gereksiz islere ayirdigim zamani arastirmaya ayirsam doktoranin bitme suresi: 15 ay.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Oxfordshire Blues

Well, not Oxfordshire, Oxford proper actually. Still, somehow "blues" did go better with "shire" -without any intentions to make a subtle reference to Lord of the Rings, whose author is an Oxonian- in any way.

Oxford is almost always rainy. And if you live in Oxford, or in any other part of the UK, it's actually compulsory to talk about the weather for at least 10 minutes every day. Except Sundays. God created the world in six days and rested on Sunday, watching football, presumably.

It's not a city, it's a town. I think a city needs to have a population of at least 500.000 people, and I am being generous.

Back to the rain business: it's actually better when it rains. It's too humid to be comfortable in warm weather. When (if) it gets above 24, it actually gets uncomfortable. And all these years we ranted and raved about good old Istanbul.

The University: dreaming spires, yes there is all that. There is also an iron clad bureucracy that would put France to shame. In order for things to work, you have to know people. And people you know have to know other people, preferably more important people than themselves. Alternatively, having nerves of steel and the patience of Job may also work. In the long run.

Colleges: They all hate each other, don't believe if they state the opposite. Little states within a state. When they're not hating each other, they look down their noses to the relatively newer establishments. (i.e. "OP" - the Other Place or, say, St. Catz.)

Ducks: ducks, as in Anas platyrhynchos. I live right by the canal and I wake up with ducks, laugh with ducks, cry with ducks, fall asleep with ducks. Like roosters, but they quack throughout the day, not only at dawn. Not that I'm complaining, they're good company for a rainy day.

Bicycles: You have to have one, period. Park near the Odeon cinema for a downtown stroll. Please don't ride through Cornmarket, it's really annoying. It's already chaotic as it is.

More to follow later. So far so good.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would you like some radiation?

So, the long awaited radiotherapy did start on Monday. I had a tomography before, for my doctor to plan stuff like seeing me in 3D (must have been very exciting) and deciding which areas are to be shot. Or radiated. On Monday I was also marked with a board marker. They put little adhesive tapes over the marks and told me it's okay to take a shower, only don't rub the area. Well, this is day 2, and one of them already came off. I will ask for the tattooing option. On the funnier side, I now have a huge cross on my upper chest, which is very visible. The cleaning lady at the gym asked me if I was a member of some cult. Really.

The radiation part doesn't feel like anything, pretty much like having your x-ray taken and the machine is really cool, reminds of the Space Odyssey. That said, radiotherapy is not the most innocent treatment around; the problems (mostly other cancers) show up years later. I'll think about that years later. Compared to chemotherapy, this one's like a day in the park.

All those said, I am rather hoping for some super hero(ine) powers. I wouldn't like to take all this radiation for nothing. I did consider taking a cat in with me, resulting, hopefully, in me turning to cat woman but the security is rather tight at the hospital. Maybe I'll still get some extraordinary trait. Or have green babies in the future.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh Hai

One of my favorites from LOL Manuscripts lately, of Sir Francis Drake. Awesomeness. As a fan of lulz and manuscripts, I am possibly their biggest fan. Do visit the blog, the link is in the title.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How much of a nerd are you?

And on a lighter note:

I am nerdier than 91% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

I really don't think I'm that much of a nerd. It didn't have any seriously nerdy questions. I failed high school maths twice.

Done with the chemotherapy

Now unto the unknown realms of radiotherapy, which is expected to start sometime by the end of April. Although the whole treatment is not over yet, I am grateful the chemo part is, as it was, to say the least, a bitch.


  • Chemo sessions take really, really long. At least they did for me except one, and that one resulted in a blocked vein. We're talking about sitting in a chair for 4 hours receiving toxic chemicals through IV.
  • The nausea. Really. The first few times I didn't even get it, but after the 6th session or so, the nausea was so bad I had to go for cortisone, which is a two sided blade.
  • Mouth sores. They take about 3 to 7 days to go away and in the meantime one can enjoy wonderful meals in the guise of baby food mixed with protein powder. Mmm yummy. Having to actually do the rather complicated oral hygiene routine during this time is also a thrill.
  • I am now a rather yellow-skinned individual. Doctors say the discoloration goes away after a while. Probably. In most people anyway.
  • I always had problems with the veins on the arm I received the treatment, sometimes so bad that I almost overdosed on painkillers (and still the pain would not go away.) It's really hard to describe it, it's like rheumatoid pain multiplied by 10. I won't miss it.
  • Fatigue. I remember days when going to the bathroom seemed like a hike through the mountains.
  • Say goodbye to your veins: they get really hard and thin, you get multiple thromboses, and are impossible to find. As a result of this, getting a simple blood test sample takes 20 minutes, the nurses (yes, multiple) try to locate a vein that is not blocked or is soft and/or thick enough. They do say that working with weights is the only way to remedy this. I tried.
I had to take this for about 7 months, and finally (trumpets) the tests say I don't have any cancerous cells -at least not the size that is detectable by current scanning methods. But since they want to make sure, they will give me some good old radiation to the affected areas. I am now wondering if I will get any superhero powers. Or turn green.