Monday, April 04, 2005

Don't believe the monkey lie, kids

For those who aren't familiar with Jack Chick's work, I have two words to say: too bad! You don't know what you're missing, and you'll definitely burn in hell for that too. So go now and check him out. Be saved. Haleluja! Hosanna!

For a little preview from the aforementioned track (see link):

The little girl will no doubt have a lot to share with her therapist in the years to come.


Turkish E.T. said...

:) little girl will join the Jehovah's Witnesses and spend her life looking nice and clean, distributing the word of god all around new york streets.

I once met such a girl on the street here in chinatown who learned both Mandarin and Cantonese just to communicate the truth! so cute.

Pope-to-be-zop said...

That little girl won't ever have to seek comfort from the words of the modern devil of our times, the therapists. Our savior Jesus Christ will show her the way. You infidels are the ones making psychotherapists wealthy and you'll burn in hell for that.