Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's All Greek to Me!

Har har har! After years of waiting patiently, here I use this (in)famous quote in context at last. It's my 5th week as a resident in this mindbogglingly original country and my 3rd week in Greek classes and yet, it still is all Greek to me (except well known classics like "malaka", "ti kitas?" and of course "den katalaveno" -the last one means "I have no clue about what you're saying" and is used pretty commonly.) Still, some helpful folks have come up with a website for foreigners, who, for some reason have decided to learn this (not so) user-friendly language and as a friendly blogger and fellow Greek learner I am sharing the URL with you.

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Turkish E.T. said...

heh. i have a habit of learning "what are you talking about?" in as many languages as I can. It's a good conversation starter with those french girls talking on the sidewalk as I'm smoking a cigarette outside the bar.. or so I fantasisize abi.