Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stop Bloody Whaling

There's nothing that justifies whaling and hunting dolphins; high mammals that are closer to us than most species. People get shocked by the idea of cats and dogs being eaten as delicacies in Asian countries (and I am one of them) but why not by the idea of eating dolphins and whales? Because we can't keep them as pets? Both whales and dolphins are extremely smart animals, with complex social lives and the most important thing is, their numbers are dropping down each year. The whales and dolphins hunted in Japan end up being thrown away or used as fertilizer and dog food. Due to the high mercury levels in the seas, their meat is not so much sought after by the wider population anymore. Still, even though commercial whaling is no longer permitted, Japan gets away by putting these animals into their "scientific research" quota.

I'm sure anyone could do WITHOUT eating whale or dolphin meat, and manage to survive.

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