Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Head Injury Theater: Part two of Celebrating Stupid Monsters of D&D

The first edition had such classics
as the Owlbear and the Giant Space Hamster; Head Injury Theater is back with part 2 of the series, with monsters no less interesting -and stupid.

I will quote two examples and rest my case thereat.

Death Linen. The image says it all, really:

And possibly the most retardedly (I know it's not a word. It is now) unimaginative monster in the D&D history: the Zorbo. While most D&D monsters suffer from hormone-induced, highly fertile imaginative powers, this one was just thrown in at the last minute it seems:

high geekery levels reached, aborting in 3, 2, 1.


schattenjager said...

ya zorbo :(

cheja said...

ya zorbo, ama bu rezalet degil de nedir? Owlbear gibi birsey yarat sonra koalaya problemli ortodonti upgrade'i yapip piyasaya sur.