Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would you like some radiation?

So, the long awaited radiotherapy did start on Monday. I had a tomography before, for my doctor to plan stuff like seeing me in 3D (must have been very exciting) and deciding which areas are to be shot. Or radiated. On Monday I was also marked with a board marker. They put little adhesive tapes over the marks and told me it's okay to take a shower, only don't rub the area. Well, this is day 2, and one of them already came off. I will ask for the tattooing option. On the funnier side, I now have a huge cross on my upper chest, which is very visible. The cleaning lady at the gym asked me if I was a member of some cult. Really.

The radiation part doesn't feel like anything, pretty much like having your x-ray taken and the machine is really cool, reminds of the Space Odyssey. That said, radiotherapy is not the most innocent treatment around; the problems (mostly other cancers) show up years later. I'll think about that years later. Compared to chemotherapy, this one's like a day in the park.

All those said, I am rather hoping for some super hero(ine) powers. I wouldn't like to take all this radiation for nothing. I did consider taking a cat in with me, resulting, hopefully, in me turning to cat woman but the security is rather tight at the hospital. Maybe I'll still get some extraordinary trait. Or have green babies in the future.


Anonymous said...

I think bringing a smile to the blog reader's face should count as an extraordinary trait too. Djulfa hakkinda bir seyler ararken bu blog'u gormustum, simdi yazdiklarinizi takip ediyorum.. Tekrar gecmis olsun.

cheja said...

Well, thanks. And where did you disappear to? I was reading your blog.

Bilemedim hangi dilde cevap verecegimi, hepsi oldu.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm back. My blog was deleted because of some technical error.

cheja said...

I'm glad. I had actually added the feed to my reader.

Giannis said...

Merhabalar, ben Yannis... sizinle nasil irtibata gececegimi bilemedim. Bu mesaji zamanlica okursaniz, 17 Temmuz'a kadar sehirdeyim, lutfen benimle temasa geciniz... birbirimize hala bir raki sozumuz var!